Our Speciality Clinic

We, at Naseem Jeddah, offer a better treatment with our highly qualified doctors. The facilities we are providing are growing exponentially. We are bound to technological improvements to give maximum support for all who visit us.

We have Pathology Lab, X-ray, Panoramic X-ray, and Ultrasound services. These are maintained and managed by clinical pathologists and technicians. All facilities we have here connected to our server, so there is no need for a patient to bring their report with them when they consult our doctors.

We have Nurses Triage Room for patients to check their vital signs before they consult a doctor. In there we check blood pressure, temperature, pulse, oxygen saturation, and weight. Then the doctors don’t need to check these vital signs as they get it already

From Kiosk machine, the patient can take follow up tokens when they revisit a doctor. Also they can take lab report print outs from that. It will reduce the patient queue in front of reception and LAB.

We have specialized doctors in Orthopedic, Pediatric, Ophthalmology, ENT, Gynecology, General Surgery, Pathology and Ultrasonography. We have highly efficient and renowned General Physicians in here.